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Mace Power Srl represents the experience and skills acquired by Mace, founded in 1952, which over the years has evolved from an artisan phase to an industrial reality recognized by institutions, design companies, multinational companies, collecting qualifications and  complying national and international standards. The company has focused above all on the qualification of its production, achieving construction qualifications at the highest levels and adapting its technical features of construction to the different demands of the foreign market. This has made possible to be present not only in the domestic market, but also in the foreign market, where exported products are particularly appreciated and correspond to the various needs. A particular attention goes to the achievement of the Enel qualification for the construction of MT/BT transformers for unified substations.

Moreover, this qualification program has been enlarged with continuous updates both of machineries and instruments used, and with professional training courses for its staff. All this has contributed to make Mace Power a modern company, technologically advanced and able to provide, with means, the maximum performance. With the new reorganization, the company has consolidated its position and has conquered new international markets with products that have always distinguished it for the high quality standard and for the strictly Made in Italy production. The attention to the environmental impact is one of the main reasons why Mace Power, besides producing products with innovative materials and technologies for efficiency and energy saving, is involved in particular applications aimed at the production of energy from alternative and renewable sources. The company is today partner of important contractors and utilities operating in the field of electrical distribution and transformation both in Italy and abroad.

The company

The features that distinguishes us is to follow the customer from design to installation, evolving with scheduled maintenance, and a trust based relationship with the customer.

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