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Power Transformers

Mace Power Srl represents the experience and skills acquired by Mace, founded in 1952, which over the years has evolved from an artisan phase to an industrial reality recognized by institutions, design companies, multinational companies, collecting qualifications and  complying national and international standards.


We apply our know-how to have a real impact on our customers' needs, with products that safeguard the environment and comply with the latest international standards.

Technological diversification

Among the companies operating in the field of power transformers, we represent the highest level of technological diversification with a production that develops on the real needs of each industrial sector.

Investments in training

We invest in the training of our resources. Our company training is integrated with all company processes, making an operative principle that favors future development projects, including the real or foreseeable operative reference scenario.

Research and development

Our research is necessary to develop technological solutions for energy and environment, in order to improve our products with the most modern construction solutions.

New projects

We work continuously in monitoring and identifying emerging technologies and provide input to exploratory projects in the relevant fields.

Warranty Requirements

Affirmed for warranty requirements, reliability and expertise, our Company is specialized in manufacturing three-phase oil-filled HV/MV power transformers; oil-filled MV/LV distribution transformers; dry-type MV/LV distribution transformers and specialty transformers.

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