Certifications and Policy

Company Policy

Mace Power Srl develops an entrepreneurial line active in the construction of static machines for the transformation, stabilization and conversion of energy, in particular oriented to the design, production and customer service of AT-MT-BT transformers.

Mace Power, a company that arose in 2018 following the lease of the business branch, with registered office and plant in Casandrino, province of Naples, in certification, for quality management according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, of its processes, which develops management/administrative activities as well as specific activities of design and production of AT-MT-BT transformers.

The general management of Mace Power Srl has decided to base and implement the company management on an integrated system for quality, environment and safety in accordance with the principles of UNl EN lSO 9001:2015 UNI EN lSO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001: 2018. This system is made concrete in organizational and technical actions applied to the whole company, in a systematic, planned and documented way with the following aims. Certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 newly issued (September 2015). Promoting the use of risk-based thinking in the planning of targets for the achievement of an effective integrated management system. Receive the full satisfaction of the customer, all stakeholders and all other interested parties.

Evolve technical and technological innovation for the pursuit of the objectives of business economic improvement, eco-sustainability, energy saving and safety in the workplace. Optimization of production processes (construction technology and materials). Realize integrated services, improving the efficiency and profitability of its environmental and safety management performance.

The world context and the particular economic period have brought a maximum attention to the management of the resources, to the maintenance of the expenses and consequently also to medium and long term planned investments. It is considered essential to carry out a careful reorganization of the company to make it even more competitive by adapting it to the new context in which it operates, in order to consolidate over time the relationships with all the involved actors.

The following objectives must be pursued by each function

– organizational optimization of the activities carried out

– elimination of inefficiencies in business processes:

– conducting processes in compliance with current safety and environmental legislation:

– creation of products/services whose quality complies with the requirements of contractual specifications and/or regulations and the company’s quality standard.

Each manager is obliged to raise the awareness of his/her collaborators at all levels in order to guarantee

– the respect and enhancement of human resources:

– respect for the roles and tasks assigned;

– the achievement of the set objectives;

– compliance with operating procedures

– in every context, compliance with the laws and behaviors for the prevention of worker safety and environmental risks.

The general management is responsible for promoting and disseminating this commitment through annual improvement plans included in the management review minutes, which identify the areas most worthy of attention by providing for actions and resources in order to reach the expected level.

In addition, it promotes and guarantees specific actions aimed at protecting the health of human resources and the environment and to ensure that the product and processes do not present significant and uncontrolled risks to users and the environments they are installed and used.

The Quality, Environment and Safety Management Manager, designated by the general management, is given the necessary authority and delegated powers to implement, maintain and improve the system in order to achieve the improvement objectives.


Mace Power warrants all transformers it manufactures for the contractually agreed period; in the absence of special agreements, the period is one year from the date of delivery. Of course, in order to have recourse to the guarantee, it is necessary to carry out a correct commissioning of the machine respecting all the conditions that must be guaranteed.

We point out that the right of guarantee is lost or excluded in case of:

– commissioning of the transformer with low dielectric rigidity oil or wrongly connected and protected;

– insulation damages caused by overvoltage phenomena of the power supply network, atmospheric or manoeuvring type;

– damages to the insulation caused by overload or bad thermal exchange with the environment;

– tampering without our express authorization;

– damages caused by a bad coordination of the protections;

– Damage caused by accidental short-circuit phenomena, e.g. due to loss of insulation of cables in dispersion towards earth or due to breakage of the external protection sheath.


In the perspective of a continuous development of those that concur to guarantee and qualify the product, since its constitution, Mace Power has introduced its own “Quality System”, which has led it to its own achievement of Quality Certifications, as a recognition of the efforts that the company, attentive to the needs of an increasingly competitive and competent market, continues to expand daily for the global improvement of its organizational and operational structure, in the continuous search for a more efficient management of quality at the service of customers; current aspect of primary importance for the company.

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